Car Accidents

The minutes post accident are very important to collect information that can help you to determine fault in a car accident, also it will allow you to obtain data from those involved to reach an agreement on how to proceed with the removal of those affected on the scene.

5 things that you should do in case of traffic accidents

  1. Stop the car, whether you are at fault or not.
  2. Call the police and ambulance if people are injured.
  3. Obtain information about the other driver at the scene, the name, addresses, how many passengers are and if there are witnesses, it is important that you set up a base and take notes.
  4. Take notes about the accident so you have an evidence file to help you to recreate what happened. If it is possible take photos.
  5. Do not leave until the police have arrived, until the injured are taken care of, and until you have all of the above.

Anything that is said at the time of the car accident can be used against you and can disqualify possible car accident compensation. Make sure that you understand your legal rights and legal options when you are involved in a car accident in Orlando, Florida.

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