Why so much more than legal professionals?

This has been our slogan throughout our journey working alongside clients and families. In one or another way we built it as we lived it.

Through more than 20 years working in the legal area, we realized that all of this was more than going beyond signing papers or representing in court. We became part of families that came to the United States to fulfill dreams, from families that in the midst of traffic accidents had met death head-on, from those who had worked all their lives, or work while they could and now they deserved fair compensation from Social Security.

We became part of the lives of those who had lost everything, and had the desire to start over through bankruptcy.

Each story made us more and more part. Each time they stopped being clients and became a team, because their results would be our results.

It is how in the middle of long listens, conversations and goals, we understood that we are not just lawyers, we accompany and wey go along with all those who trust their lives in our services.

Today many of our clients are not only our references, they are also great friends. And we are family, because at González Law Firm, we are much more than legal professionals.