Migration: citizen or resident?

There are many differences between having a permanent residence in the US and being a US citizen. Differences that are going from rights to obligations.

  • Permanent residents: they have certain benefits such as being able to live and work freely in North American territory, acquire goods, establish businesses.

However, they do not have the power to hold a government position as senator, governor or president, for example, or to vote in national elections.

The permanent resident may lose his permanent residence under certain circumstances.

  • Citizens: in contrast, at the time of citizenship, the person can opt for all privileges, including rights and obligations of being an American citizen, also being a citizen can apply for visas for relatives abroad.

The children of American citizens are Americans, regardless of where they are born.

If the objective of the permanent resident is to become citizens, the person can apply for citizenship after 5 years with the residence, or if the person is married to an American citizen can do it after 3 years.

Being a citizen guarantees benefits and more security.

In everything related to immigration in the US, it is necessary to consult with a lawyer, to avoid frauds and frustrating experiences due to lack of correct advice.

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