Emigration: papers and documents in order

In the United States are approximately 11 million undocumented people for whom life is complicated and they do not have many opportunities to settle down.

To be legally in the country, if you do not have a valid visa that allows you to be in the country, it is necessary to have a document that allows it. The most common is known as a “green card”.

You can also be in special situations such as Parole, TPS, Asylum, U Visa for victims of violence, the T Visa for victims of human trafficking, special program for juveniles, or under VAWA, the Federal law that protects women victims of violence. The requirements to acquire these visas or special permits are strict.

And of course you can also be with temporary nonimmigrant visas, such as tourist, student, exchange, investment or work. But as the name suggests, they are temporary and except in the two specific cases of H-1B and L-1, which are of double intention, you cannot actively search for them with a “green card”. That is, if you enter as a tourist to find work, get married or if you stay longer than you are allowed, for example, can cause you many problems.

For this reason it is necessary to consult with a lawyer focused on immigration issues, because in many cases decisions made without knowledge can complicate the immigration situation.

As the saying goes, it is always better to prevent than to regret. And this is especially true in immigration matters.

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